The Routes

This information is based upon the 2016 Bethany Sportive. The 2017 event is likely to remain the same, although we may be required to make alterations to the routes. We will update this information accordingly.
 There are three routes to choose from at the Bethany Sportive:
  • The Super Challenge Route – 102 miles     Click here for the Super Challenge Route map
  • The Challenge Route – 72 miles     Click here for the Challenge Route map
  • The Taster Challenge Route – 30 miles     Click here for the Taster Challenge Route map
For the Super Challenge and Challenge routes, riders leave from Lasswade High School, Bonnyrigg and head south over the Moorfoot Hills to Innerleithen where the Super Challenge and Challenge routes split. The Super Challenge route now takes a spectacularly scenic route around the borders and both routes meet again just west of Selkirk. For the Challenge route, riders return to Lasswade from Innerleithen via the River Tweed and Gala Water valleys. Both routes then return to the High School over the Moorfoot Hills once more. Each participant will be individually timed and the finishing times will be published on the website after the event.
The Taster Challenge route also leaves from Lasswade High School but diverts from the other routes Temple and passes alongside Gladhouse Reservoir before looping back to Lasswade.
Entries are limited to 400 with an entry fee of £39 (£36 early bird rate) per entrant for the Super Challenge and Challenge Routes and £26 (£23 early bird rate) per entrant for the Taster Challenge Route.  Early bird rates are available until the 31st December 2016.

Feed stations

Taster Route – Gladhouse Reservoir: 13m

Challenge Route/Super Challenge Routes:

– Innerleithen High Street: 26.9m

– Outside Newburgh Holiday Cottages – 43.4m (Super Challenge Route only)

– Fountainhall Community Centre – 48.4m (Challenge Route)/78.9m (Super Challenge Route)


Route Description

Bethany Edinburgh Sportive –3rd June 2017

The 2017 event the route heads out from the new Lasswade Centre along Polton Road West then left onto the A6094 and the B6392 to Cockpen Roundabout. Right turn at Cockpen onto the B704, right on to the C37 Carrington road at the bottom of the hill and straight on to the junction with the B6372 at Braidwood Bridge just before Temple.

It is at this point the Taster Route diverges and turns RIGHT onto the B6732 and heads South to Upper Side, STRAIGHT ON to the junction near Toxside and LEFT around the North end of Gladhouse reservoir where there will be a food/water stop. Turn LEFT at the far end of the reservoir, Then STRAIGHT ON at Yorkston to rejoin the Challenge Route at the next T junction.

At the above junction with the B6732 the Challenge/Super Challenge routes turn LEFT across the bridge then immediately RIGHT through Temple. Half a mile beyond the village at the T jct the Taster Route rejoins the main route for a short distance. At the T junction a half mile further on turn LEFT then RIGHT at the end of the straight and follow the road up to Middleton crossroads. The road surface outside the quarry can be poor.

Here the Taster diverges again and follows the return route back to the finish. Turn LEFT AT the crossroads and continue to the T jct just past the lime works where you turn LEFT and continue to Castleton. Turn RIGHT at Castleton then LEFT onto the B6372 to Braidwood Bridge and again rejoin the outward route back through Carrington to Cockpen roundabout, Follow the B6392 on to the roundabout at the junction with the B6094. Turn RIGHT, away from the outward route, down into Bonnyrigg, LEFT at the Pedestrian Crossing and follow the signs round to finish line.

Meanwhile riders following the other routes turn RIGHT to reach the B7007. It’s then a straightforward run along the B7007 and B709 to Innerleithen and the first water stop. The long run down through the Granites – local name for that part of the B709 – is part of National Cycle Route 1 and is also a favourite training run for local clubs so you might well see non participants heading the other way.

The road into Innerleithen crosses the bridge just at the golf course then runs alongside the burn. Just over a mile after the bridge is the first water stop at the Church of Scotland where we have again kindly been offered the use of facilities. About 400 yards after leaving the water stop turn right on to Innerleithen High Street. After 2/10ths of a mile turn left at the West end of the street, still on the B709

 From the junction the route continues South across the bridge over the River Tweed to the junction of the B709 and the U83-1 which runs eastwards to the A707. This is where the Challenge and Super Challenge routes part company. The Challenge route following the U83-1 and the Super Challenge continuing South on the B709. After just under 7 miles the U83-1 re-joins the Super Challenge Route on the A707 just beyond Peel

The Super Challenge route meantime continues South and crosses the A708 at the old Gordon Arms Hotel, now the Yarrow Gordon Inn. Continue South on the B709 until the junction with the B7009 at Tushielaw/Crosslee. The route turns LEFT at the junction onto the up and down run to Kirkhope, passing the Feed Station at Newburgh ,then turns LEFT on to the climb to Witchie Knowe,summit, which is the 50 mile mark, and over the hill towards Yarrow.

Turn RIGHT at Yarrow along the A708 until just before Selkirk; FORK LEFT  to meet up with the A707 and follow that to the A72 .8 of a mile beyond Caddonfoot. Join up with the Challenge Route east of Peel. Up the A72 to the roundabout at Clovenfords where you take the B710 up the hill to the left and at the top swing left onto the C11 past Old Redhead and on to Ferniehirst.

From Ferniehirst the route follows the minor road up the Gala Water valley on the other side of the river from the A7 until it meets the B709. Turn LEFT onto the B709 through Heriot until you reach the junction with the B7007 which you passed on the way out. RIGHT turn onto the B7007 and follow the outward route as far as Middleton Crossroads where you go STRAIGHT ON, past the lime works, turn LEFT at the junction then RIGHT at Castleton down to the B6372. Turn LEFT back to Braidwood Bridge and again rejoin the outward route back through Carrington to Cockpen roundabout, along the B6392 and on to the roundabout at the junction with the B6094. Turn RIGHT, away from the outward route, down into Bonnyrigg LEFT at the Pedestrian Crossing and follow the signs round to the finish line.